Project Description

“Bee a Pollinator Pal” Week

Bee a Pollinator Pal” week has been recognized during the Garden Club of America’s Zone 1 Meetings and has received the Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award, a National GCA Award.

Project Description:

The Conservation Committee of the Cohasset Garden Club plans, supports and executes our Club’s “Bee a Pollinator Pal” week each June.

The annual “Bee a Pollinator Pal” weeklong program is offered to Cohasset’s Osgood Elementary School’s 2nd grade students. Founded in 2012 by the Cohasset Garden Club, the program is now celebrating its 6th year. The program successfully culminates the school’s farm program, which begins in Pre-K.

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The weeklong program begins with a full grade assembly during which the South Shore Natural Science Center provides students with an overview of pollination and its importance to our food supply and all plants that produce seeds through the spread of pollen. On the second day of the week the children are invited to wear pollinator “costumes” to school and submit drawings of pollinators for the school’s bulletin board, which has been decorated by a club member. Throughout the week, the Cohasset Garden Club provides students with in-class activities and learning materials. Mid-week, each 2nd grade class gathers around the organic pollinator garden, which was planned by the Cohasset Garden club and planted with the 2nd grade class during the first year. The students learn about the original development of the garden, its organic maintenance and objectives, the importance of each plant within the garden to local pollinators, and the importance of the insects that live above and below the soil that are integral to the nutrition and health of the garden’s plants. The club also gives an earthworm to each student to “plant” in the soil. This is a very exciting event for them each year. The week ends with a butterfly release in the garden and seed packets donated by Holly Hill Farm to take home so the students can grow their own pollinator friendly flowering plants at home.


  • CGC partners with the Cohasset Public Schools, Cohasset PSO, Holly Hill Farm and South Shore Natural Science Center
  • Program has been highlighted in GCA’s National Bulletin and the Cohasset Mariner
  • “Bee a Pollinator Pal” week has been recognized during GCA Zone 1 Meetings and has received the Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award, a National GCA Award
  • Since its onset, the Osgood School staff, the Principal and the 2nd grade teachers have enthusiastically supported the program and the garden
  • Throughout the spring, students use the garden to inspire artwork, writing and related projects

We invite you to watch this beautiful video on Pollination. Click to view full screen.