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Welcome to Our Latest Happenings Page

We are a very active club with an outstanding group of photographers who take wonderful photos at all the various workshops and events attended by our members. As these activities evolve over the season, their photos will be posted in the respective galleries on this page.

December 18 Holiday Greens Workshop

The club’s Holiday Greens Workshop took place the evening of Wednesday, December 18 at Jane Reardon’s home. Seventeen members gathered to make traditional evergreen kissing balls. A sphere of oasis was covered with a combination of boxwood, holly, yew and assorted decorations such as pinecones, artificial berries, brightly colored ribbons and more. The atmosphere was festive as participants created, conversed, sipped wine and requested and received suggestions on each other’s project while Christmas music played in the background. Each creation was a unique combination of greens and decorations, and there were different ideas of how best to display them. Some would be hung from a ribbon, some placed in a bowl surrounded by more greens while others had lights wound through them. It was great fun!

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September 18 Membership Meeting Design Competition

For the first time the Cohasset Garden Club fielded a design competition in what’s known as Botanical Arts. Defined as the creation of an object, frequently jewelry, fashioned entirely from dried plant material. All elements, including clasps, bales, and hangers must be made seeds, twigs, nuts and shells and the like, which can be strengthened with sealant and epoxy and painted to resemble whatever the artist is trying to simulate, be it precious gems, turquoise, platinum, gold and the like.

Led by member Sarah Boynton, a group of CGC members took up the challenge of creating a pin to be displayed at the September 18, 2019 design competition. Sarah, whose generosity with her expertise and creativity not to mention materials, knows no bounds, hosted a workshop at her home early in September to demonstrate technique, share tips and provide everything necessary to create and entry for the show. That workshop was followed up with another a few days prior to the show, where all participants completed their entries.

To a person the group went from “No way!” to “Wow!”. Until attempted, it’s hard to imagine how such humble, and dead, materials can transform into something vibrant, beautiful and alive. Sue Hess, Sandy Hill, Jennifer Lord and Debby Leggat are profoundly grateful to Sarah for her help, instruction and encouragement. Anyone with the inclination, do give Botanical Arts a try!

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Design Workshop for upcoming July Design Competition

In preparation for the upcoming July 10th Design Competition “Rhapsody in Green”, Cohasset Garden Club members enjoyed a morning workshop of learning and fun at the home of Jennifer Willms.  Our resident expert floral designer and Chair, Sarah Boynton, created sample designs for Novice, Intermediate and Expert classes, providing club members with invaluable tips on design & mechanics.  Much fun and learning was had by all!

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Be a Pollinator Week” at Osgood School

“Be a Pollinator Week” at Osgood School was held June 3-7. Although spring 2019 had been exceptionally rainy, Mother Nature gave us lots of sun that week. CGC’s pollinator garden was replanted with new and beautifully flowering pollinator friendly plants. The week was kicked off with the pollinator bulletin board and the butterfly board, which was filled with hand- colored butterflies supplied by the second graders. Tuesday noon found all one hundred and twenty second graders sitting in Osgood’s amphitheater listening to Jon Belber, the education director at Holly Hill Farm. Jon’s teaching method is totally interactive. He had the students on the edge of their seats, each wanting to answer whatever question Jon had raised. A side of a beehive as well as the silk and seeds of Milkweed pods were passed from child to child as Jon conducted his class. “What happens if there is no pollination?” One lad said it all in four words, he answered, “No pollination: no food.” Friday’s six classes met the CGC ladies in the garden. Once again there was a review of the what, where, why, and when of pollination. All that information was interspersed with the pollinator game which encouraged the students to match the pollinator to its favorite flower, as well as the by the distribution of worms for “planting” in the garden. As always, the children LOVED taking the wiggly creatures in their hands and then finding a hole for them in our very colorful, very wormy pollinator bed.

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Kennedy’s Country Garden Workshop

Friday, May 31, 2019 was a gorgeous Spring morning for touring Kennedy’s Country Gardens, learn about perennials, annuals and shrubs, and see the kinds of plants that look and grow well together. Fifteen CGC members were present to hear Perennials Buyer Susan Leigh Anthony describe all the beautiful things we were looking at and provide insight as to what grows well where and when. Afterward we had a chance to go through the different sections and choose. Chris Kennedy was on hand to answer questions and make suggestions.

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Art in Bloom

We have two wonderful photos of Susan Meikleham and Jane Reardon after having completed their floral interpretation at Art in Bloom!  It is an absolutely stunning masterpiece!  These two ladies have made us so proud as a Club – thank you, thank you and congratulations!!!! It’s beautiful!

And we have four more photos of some of our club members on the MFA Art in Bloom’s evening tour. Enjoy the gallery!!

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